Commercial waste and recycling

Commercial waste and recycling FAQs

Q: What should I do if my waste is not collected?

A: In the unlikely event that your waste is not collected on your collection day please inform us within 24hrs of a missed collection, you can do this by emailing or by calling 02084302000.

Q: Can I change my service?

A: Yes, if you need a larger bin or more collections, or you would like to reduce collections, please contact us on Please note that to change your service, we require ten days’ written notice.

Q: How do I cancel my agreement?

A: If you wish to cancel your service, please contact us on giving us one month’s written notice.

Q: How can I spread the cost of payment for my bin agreement?

A: We offer the option to pay in 10 monthly instalments via direct debit. Once you have received your invoice you can set up your direct debit by calling finance on 01708 434543.

Q: Can I arrange extra bin collections?

A: Yes, we can arrange ad-hoc collections, or change your service. Please email us at or contact the customer service centre on 02084302000.

Q. How should I prepare my waste for collection?

A. You should ensure that all bags are inside the bin as illustrated here.

An image showing a closed bin with no rubbish outside. This image has a green tick beside it.An image showing rubbish placed outside of a bin with a red cross beside it

Q: I’ve run out of bags. How do I get more?

A: Please call us on 0208 430 2000 or contact us on to purchase more bags and they will be delivered within five working days of payment.

Q. I need lots of bags – can I get a discount?

A: Yes! Buy four batches of bags at the same time and save £25 off the total cost. There’s 52 bags in a batch.

Q: Do I need to put everything in the bags?

A: Yes, everything needs to be contained within the bags, including cardboard.

Q: How do I cancel my bag agreement?

A: If you no longer wish to use the service simply do not purchase further bags. You will need to make alternative arrangements for your waste to be collected.

Q. My Waste Transfer Note has expired but I still have bags left. How do I get a new Waste Transfer Note?

A: In order to renew a waste transfer note, you are required to purchase a minimum of one batch of 52 bags. 

Q. How should I prepare my waste for collection if I don’t have a bin?

A. You should ensure that all waste is in bags which are tied closed, as illustrated here.

An image showing how to present your commercial wasteAn image showing how not to present your commercial waste