Jenkins Lane re-use and recycling centre

The Jenkins Lane reuse and recycling centre has reopened with some new restrictions

After a period of temporary closure due to Covid-19, the Jenkins Lane reuse and recycling centre reopened to members of the public on Monday 11 May in accordance with government advice.

You should only go to Jenkins Lane if your visit is essential; this is to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Bulky waste collections and green waste collection have now resumed. Please attempt to use these services rather than visiting the RRC.

There will be some changes to how you use the site so please read the key information below before your visit.

Opening times

  • Opening hours are 7.30am – 5.45pm, Monday to Sunday
  • There may be some delay gaining access due to social distancing measures. Please do not attempt to join the queue for entry after 5pm.  

Prepare in advance

  • Please sort your waste by material type prior to arriving at the site
  • Ensure you have someone with you to help you unload heavy items. Staff at Jenkins Lane RRC will not be able to assist with handling and moving items due to social distancing rules

Permitted Vehicles

  • Large vans, trailers and commercial waste will not be permitted.
  • To prevent overcrowding, only two people may exit the vehicle on site. Children are not permitted to exit vehicles on site. 

Stay safe, be respectful and protect others

  • Residents should not visit if they are:
    • extremely vulnerable and are remaining at home for shielding purposes
    • symptomatic with coronavirus (COVID-19)
    • in a 14-day household isolation
  • To help prevent the spread of infection, keep your windows shut while you are queuing and once you are inside the site, to help prevent the spread of disease.
  • Maintain social distancing and keep your distance from staff and other residents whilst on-site.
  • Hygiene is essential when visiting Jenkins, so please wear gloves and masks if you can, avoid touching your face and wash your hands thoroughly after returning home.
  • Hand sanitiser will not be provided so please bring your own.
  • Take gloves and masks home to dispose of responsibly in your own bin. 
  • If you decide to leave the queue because of waiting times you must take your waste home with you.

Respect our staff since they are doing an important job in difficult circumstances. Please treat them with respect and consideration. Anyone abusing staff will be asked to leave the site immediately.