Jenkins Lane re-use and recycling centre

Opening times

  • Opening hours are 7.30am – 5.45pm, Monday to Sunday
  • Please do not attempt to join the queue for entry after 5pm. If a queue will prevent you accessing before the site's closing time, you will be advised to try again another day.

Prepare in advance

  • Please sort your waste by material type prior to arriving at the site
  • Once there, you will be directed to specific areas to deposit each type of material
  • Please ensure you have someone with you to help you unload any heavy items
  • Visit for more information

Cyclists and Pedestrians

There is a large blue container near the main entrance to the Jenkins Lane Reuse & Recycling Centre site where cyclists and pedestrians can deposit items which will later be taken to the appropriate container at the RRC by site staff. This is to avoid those not using cars having to travel the long internal approach road.

Permitted Vehicles

  • Large vans and twin axle trailers are now allowed but no Luton Vans, flat bed vehicles, vans with tail lifts or tippers of any size are permitted to access the site at any time.
  • To prevent overcrowding, only two people may exit the vehicle on site. Children are not permitted to exit vehicles on site. 

Stay safe, be respectful and protect others

Respect our staff since they are doing an important job. Please treat them with respect and consideration. Anyone abusing staff will be asked to leave the site immediately.