Recycling collections and information

Recycling for homes at street level

Bins with orange lids 

If you live in a property at street level, you will probably have a recycling bin with an orange lid. You can put your recycling into the bin loose or use carrier bags. We will not deliver orange bags to your property. 

Do not put black sacks into the bin as these cannot be recycled. 

Orange bags  

If you do not have space for a recycling bin, then we will deliver orange bags for you to use. If you run out of orange bags call us on 020 8430 2000.

Apply for orange bags

Where to put out your recycling 

Store your recycling bin or bags within the boundary of your property, and put them out for collection by 6am on the collection day. If you use orange bags, please make sure you tie them up properly before you put them out next to your rubbish bin/bags for collection.