Recycling and rubbish collections

Other waste collections and disposal of unwanted items 

Bulky waste items 

We will not collect bins containing furniture, large electrical appliances or other large waste items. Residents can book a bulky waste collection. Alternatively, you can take them to Jenkins Lane Re-use and Recycling Centre.

Hazardous waste 

It is important that we properly deal with hazardous (dangerous) waste, such as poisons, some paints and chemicals, so that they do not cause any harm to people or wildlife in Newham. The City of London's hazardous waste collection and disposal service will collect these types of waste free of charge. Find out more on the City of London website.

You can also take paint to the Jenkins Lane Re-use and Recycling Centre to be re-used. 

Clinical waste 

Special rules apply to the way we collect and get rid of clinical and healthcare waste in order to make sure it is treated safely. We offer free clinical (medical) waste collections from Newham residents. You can find out how to request a collection on the clinical waste page.

Burning household rubbish 

It’s not illegal to have a bonfire, but they can cause pollution and nuisance to others. There are many items which you must not burn including: household rubbish, rubber tyres or anything containing plastic, foam or paint. If you burn rubbish that causes a nuisance to others, we may issue an abatement notice and you could be liable to pay a fine.  

Find out more about bonfires

Waste collections for new developments 

If you are a property developer and you need to set up waste collections for a new development, you need to contact us at least six weeks before the first residents move in. You can find more guidance on how to make the right arrangements for storing and collecting rubbish and recycling when you plan any kind of new development in our planning section on the waste management for new developments page