Request a new or replacement bin

We want to make it easy to recycle more, reduce our environmental impact and minimise missed collections due to waste being put in the wrong bin. So, if you need a different sized bin for your household, this is where you can request a new bin. You can also request a replacement bin for one that has gone missing or been damaged.

If your home is at street level and you have a front garden, you should have two bins – one for your recycling and one for the rest of your household rubbish.

You can request a new bin if:

  • your bin has been vandalised or burnt
  • your bin was not returned after it was emptied
  • your bin was stolen.

We will aim to deliver your bin within five working days.

Request a replacement bin

Request a larger bin if you live in a large household

If you live in a household with six or more people, and you think your recycling or rubbish bin is too small, you can request a larger bin. You will need to tell us the name and date of birth of every person living in the property. We aim to deliver you bin within five working days.

*These bins are temporarily out of stock, orders will be opened once again when we are able to fulfil requests. However, recycling is now collected weekly so you may find that you no longer need a larger capacity bin. 

Request a new bin if you haven’t had one from us before

If you have recently moved and don’t have an allocated bin, or you have never requested a bin from us, you can request a new recycling or rubbish bin. We only allow one rubbish and one recycling bin per household, so if you already have a bin, we will be unable to give you a second one.

Request a new rubbish bin
Request a new recycling bin

If there is no place to put a bin

If you don’t have enough room to keep a wheelie bin outside your home, or you live in a flat, we may ask you to use bags or shared bins for your rubbish and recycling.

Go to our recycling and rubbish collection page to find out more.