Free School Meals

Lunchtime hot and cold meals are available at all of the primary and secondary schools in Newham. There has never been a better time for your child to stay in school for a healthy lunch. All schools have good dining facilities and menus follow the standards laid down by the Department for Education’s School Food Standards in 2015.

How free school meals are funded:

The government funds benefits-related free school meals, for pupils:

  • Whose families get certain benefits (both primary and secondary school)
  • In reception, year 1 or year 2 class

We provide additional funding to schools for:

  • Key stage 2 pupils (year 3 – year 6) as part of the Eat for Free scheme

Extra funding for your child’s school

We request that the parents/carers of all primary and secondary aged children in Newham register for free school meals, even if you don’t think you are currently eligible.

Once we have the application if at any time a family is in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits for free school meals, we will automatically update our records and their school will receive additional funding known as Ever6 Pupil Premium. This is up to £1,345 depending on the child’s age.

Schools also receive additional government funding for each eligible child via the Pupil Premium. They use this extra funding to help pupils make the best possible progress. It also provides additional resources and educational experience that eligible pupils may not otherwise have access to.

Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programmes

Funded by the Department of Education, for parents in receipt of means tested free school benefits, a range of local clubs across Newham are providing opportunities for your child/young person to meet new friends, learn something new, stay active and eat a nutritious meal during Easter, Summer and Christmas school holidays.

In Newham, we work with a range of local providers with support from the public health team to make sure healthy and delicious food is available at every HAF provision. The HAF team work alongside colleagues in public health to ensure food served at this provision is delicious, local and nutritious. To find out more information about HAF, please visit Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF) – Activities for young people in Newham – Newham Council