Newham Virtual School

The Newham Virtual School (NVS) provides support for every young person in care. Our main aim is to help looked after young people achieve the best educational, training and employment outcomes to become resilient and empowered adults able to make their best contribution to society.  

Supporting young people in care to achieve their best 

The Newham Virtual School team tracks and monitors looked after children up to the age of 18. We also provide education, training and employment support to young people while in care, as they transition out of the care system – all the way up to age 25. 

Support and continuity when its needed most 

The NVS team plays a vital role in supporting schools and colleges to meet and balance the needs of looked after young people who may for instance, face ongoing legal, physical challenges or exhibit behaviour which may appear challenging which is often the outcome of earlier trauma. We also provide a continuity and connection to the young person as they move through the education system. 

NVS also provides specialist training for designated teachers, foster carers, social workers and other professionals to be equipped to support the complex needs of - and understand the emotional and behavioural challenges that can come with educating looked after young people.