Newham Virtual School

CLA Live (CLIVE) virtual tool for caseload management 

CLIVE makes data serve the needs of current and formerly relevant looked after children and young people ages 3-25 years. It’s a user friendly tool for Virtual Schools to manage their caseload supporting targeted intervention.   

It enables the Virtual School and other Children Services’ teams to meet the statutory responsibilities placed upon it by Central Government to ensure that vulnerable children, namely Children Looked After receiving appropriate intervention to enable them to realise their potential in education, training and employment (EET). 

A complete data picture in one place 

The system is designed to interface/link with most central Social Care databases and overnight receives a daily feed of relevant data. The application has successfully linked to different Social Care Databases such as Carefirst, Azeus, Mosaic, Liquid Logic and Framework I to date. CLA Live is a SAAS, web based application placed in the Cloud.   

The application also takes external feeds on Attendance and Exclusion from third party suppliers such as Welfare Call or Looked after Call via secure CSV file transfer protocol.  

Users range from Advisory Teachers (Education Specialists), CLA Practice Leads, Co-ordinators and Team Manager, Intervention Co-ordinators, Leaving Care and SEN teams. 

CLIVE is custom built tool for Virtual Schools designed and built by a Virtual School in collaboration with Newham ICT. It is in its 8th update over 10 years and is currently used by Newham Virtual School and Barking and Dagenham Virtual School.  

All Virtual Schools and their Local Authority face common challenges with often limited staffing. We believe that Virtual Schools deserve a customised tool which fits their remit and which changes as they change in line with Operational need and Statutory Guidance.