Primary school admissions

Applying for Big Education Primary School

Big Education Primary School will be opening for reception admissions in September 2021.  As this will be the first year for the school we will not be able to be part of Pan London co-ordination but we will be working closely with Newham Pupil Services to ensure our offers are also made on national offer day 16 April 2021.

If you want to apply for Big Education Primary School you must:

  1. Complete and return to the school the Big Education Primary School application by 1 April 2021.
  2. Complete and submit the reception application for your home local authority naming your other preferred schools by 15 January 2021 national closing day for on-time applications 
  3. Wait until national offer day 16 April 2021 for the outcome of both applications.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is Big Education Primary School not included in the list of schools on the eAdmissions portal?
    a. New schools are rarely in the list of available preferences for application for their first year, as it is not always possible to guarantee any new school will be ready to open when the eAdmissions portal for applications in the September preceding entry.  We now know all the work is on target and we will be opening in September 2021.
    b. For application from September 2022 onwards Big Education Primary School will be included on the eAdmissions preference selection list.
  2. Can anyone apply or only those from the new housing development?
    a. All state funded schools must accept application from everyone who is interested in a place.  However if there are more applications than places the school’s oversubscription criteria will be applied to decide who should be offered.  For this school the tie break for each category is home to school distance, meaning if you live closer i.e. the new housing development, you will have priority over other applications who live further.  This does not affect the rights of children with an EHCP or who are Looked After or Previously Looked After.
  3. Why do I need to complete two different applications?
    a. Due to supply and demand there is no guarantee that everyone who applies for Big Education Primary School will be offered a place, so all applicants must also complete their home local authority’s form to ensure their child is offered a reception place for September 2021.
  4. Why do you need to know if the applicant has other children of primary school age?
    a. Knowing the age of the other children in families who are interested in a place will help to inform us about which other year groups we could consider opening in the future.
  5. Why is this new primary school only opening a reception class and when will other year groups open?
    a. In the first year of a school opening it is usual to only open reception and then year 1 in the second year and so on.
  6. When will I find out if I have been offered a place?
    a. All places, including those for Big Education Primary School will be offered on national offer day 16th April 2021.
  7. Can I appeal if I am not offered a place?
    a. Yes, all applicants who apply for a place at any state funded school and are refused are given their statutory right to an independent appeal.
  8. What happens if I am offered a place at Big Education Primary School and another school?
    a. All families that are offered a reception place for September 2021 at Big Education Primary School and another school by their home local authority form will be contacted and asked which of the two schools they will be accepting.  The deadline to decide which place is being accepted is Tuesday 4th May 2021.  Once the applicant has made this decision the offered school place that is being refused will be withdrawn by Pupil Services.