Building, skip and scaffolding permissions

Skip permits

If you would like to put a skip on a road, you must get a permit from us. 

We only give skip permits to companies on our approved skip company list, not directly to the public. You will need to contact a skip company from our list of approved providers and you should allow 24 hours for the permit to be processed. 

Both parties must comply with the terms of the licence. 

Building Materials Licence

You can leave building materials on the road, only if you have prior permission from us. You will need to obtain a Building Materials Licence from the Skips and scaffolding team at  

When skips are not allowed on the road 

We will not always give you permission to put a skip on your road. The decision to give permission is made by our officers.  

If you put a skip on a road without a permit, you are committing an offence and we can issue a fixed penalty of £150 or, in more serious cases, we can take you to court where they may be fined up to £1000.  

Join our list of approved skip companies 

If you are a company and would like to join our list of approved skip providers, you should email