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Royal Docks Corridor

Newham Council, in partnership with the Royal Docks Team will be improving the road layout and street environment along the Royal Docks Corridor, which includes Silvertown Way and the section of North Woolwich Road up to Connaught Bridge.

Location plan (PDF)

Silvertown Way and North Woolwich Road were constructed in their current form to serve the historic industrial uses of the Royal Docks. Following the closure of the Royal Docks, the area has become more residential with some developments already completed and others planned in the near future. With the changing character of the Royal Docks Corridor, the current road layout is not appropriate. It is dominated by traffic and does not provide an attractive or safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists, or easy access to public transport.

There are various reasons for this including excessive road widths, high traffic volumes and speeds; the location of existing crossings and the need for additional crossings; the lack of appropriate cycling facilities; the quality of the footways; and the general look and feel of the area with the need for more greening, better lighting and more attractions along the route.

How will Silvertown Way and North Woolwich Road change?

The objectives of the scheme are consistent with the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy and TfL’s Healthy Streets outcomes.

We want to:

  • Make it easier, safer and more convenient for people to walk, cycle and use public transport
  • Improve air quality and reduce pollution levels
  • Reduce the dominance of traffic
  • Slow down vehicle speeds
  • Provide a much safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve access and connections to the DLR stations along the route
  • Ensure that bus services run smoothly and are on time
  • Include more greenery, trees and planting
  • Make people feel safer and more comfortable in the area
  • Make the street more attractive and create a ‘sense of place’ so that people enjoy spending time here

What are the proposals for Silvertown Way and North Woolwich Road?

Options plan (PDF)

We are at the beginning of our design and community engagement process, and do not have proposals yet. We are currently looking at various design options and our team has developed examples of these design options at four different locations, which we feel are key destinations along the Royal Docks Corridor.

As this is a major scheme that covers a significant geographical area it will take some time to develop proposals, engage with the local communities and get all the necessary approvals to make a decision on a final plan.

We intend to start construction in spring 2022 and anticipate that it will take approximately two years to complete the works.

Interim road safety measures

As it will take some time to develop the final plan for improvements to the Royal Docks Corridor, we have introduced some interim road safety measures to improve safety and reduce vehicle speeds. The interim interventions include introducing a new zebra crossing, improving existing crossing points, installing speed warning signs and using road markings to redefine the road layout.

Letter to residents

Map 1 (PDF)

Map 2 (PDF)

Map 3 (PDF)

Map 4 (PDF)

How to get involved

We completed our early engagement process in late 2019. This included meetings with key stakeholders, an online questionnaire with an interactive map for people to highlight issues and make suggestions for specific locations, and drop-in sessions at four different venues.

We have reviewed the comments received about the local area and feedback on our initial design options, to help us prepare outline proposals for the Royal Docks Corridor. We will be consulting again in early 2021 to share the outline proposals and get feedback from the local community.

The findings from the early engagement in late 2019 are summarised in the Royal Docks Summary of finding report (PDF)

If you would like to be kept up to date about the project, please email us at [email protected].