Royal Docks Corridor

Construction programme

Construction Programme

The indicative construction programme is divided into five phases shown on the map and timeline below.

Timeline june 2024

Rdc map

Construction phase update

Construction on the Royal Docks Corridor has been underway since April 2022, and is scheduled to be complete by February 2025. Works are being delivered in five phases. Here is an update on construction progress.

Phase 1 – Oasis Academy and West Silvertown

Works around Oasis Academy (Phase 1a) were completed in April 2023. Works around West Silvertown DLR station (Phase 1b) are in progress and are expected to be complete in September. The reversal of the one-way system on Bradfield Road and Knights Road was completed in April. Works to improve the junction of North Woolwich Road (Dock Road) to improve pedestrian and cyclist access have now started and will last for 3-4 weeks. The remainder of carriageway resurfacing works for Phase 1b will take place from late July to late August / early September.

Phase 1a upon completion

Phase 1a image 1

Phase 1b construction works (3 July 2024)

Phase 1b 2024 07 03

Phase 2 – Viaduct

Works include waterproofing Silvertown Way Viaduct, which is part of essential maintenance that is required every 30 years. These works, including traffic management, are expected to last until November 2024. Phase 2 also includes improvements to the junction of North Woolwich Road with Britannia Gate to introduce a segregated cycle track, a new crossing point, six new trees and new street lights. The east side of Britannia Gate at North Woolwich Road will remain closed to motor vehicles until August, with diversions in place. Following this, the west side will be closed to motor vehicles until Phase 2 is complete in November 2024.

Phase 2 construction works (3 July 2024)

Phase 2 2024 07 03

Phase 3 – Canning Town

These works include improved lighting, updated traffic lights, new cycle lanes, and new drainage, with particular focus areas being at Canning Town Bus Depot and the junction of Silvertown Way and Hallsville Road. The Silvertown Way crossing at Canning Town station will be upgraded. Works on Phase 3 are in progress and will be complete in September 2024.

Phase 3 construction works (3 July 2024)

Phase 3 2024 07 03

Phase 4 – Connaught Peninsula

Current works on Connaught Bridge include carriageway and footway resurfacing, and lamp column replacement. Footway and cycle track installation on the eastern end of North Woolwich Road will begin in late June. Carriageway resurfacing will take place towards the end of the scheme in early 2025.

Phase 4 construction works (3 July 2024)

Phase 4 2024 07 03

Phase 5 – Pontoon Dock

Works have been underway on North Woolwich Road between Mill Road and Barrier Point Road to widen footways and install a new segregated cycle track. Footway diversions are via the south side of the street, and works on this section will continue until October 2024. Works on the remainder of Phase 5 will continue until February 2025.

Phase 5 construction works (3 July 2024)

Phase 5 2024 07 03