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Documents needed for entry to school

Before your child starts school, you will have an admission meeting with the head teacher. You will need to take some documents to that meeting. You must give the school these documents before your child can start.

Which schools ask for documents before entry

All maintained schools in Newham – that is those controlled by us – will ask you to see certain documents before your child can start.
State-funded independent schools in Newham (such as academies and free schools) which are not maintained by us may ask for different documents, but most follow the rules set out on this page.   

Going to the admissions meeting

Take original documents to the admission meeting. The school will not accept photocopies.
If you do not take these documents with you, there could be a delay to your child starting school.
If you can’t find all the documents, don’t miss the meeting. Take what you have to the meeting and explain to the school why you don’t have some papers. The school will tell you what to do next. 

Admissions meeting: What documents to take

1. Proof of the child’s legal name and date of birth

Take one of the documents listed:
  • UK birth certificate – short or long versions; schools will not accept non-UK birth certificates, as they may be in a language other than English 
  • valid current passport (your child may be included on your passport, if that passport is valid and current then you can use that)
  • European Economic Area* (EEA) identity cards 
  • official documents from the National Asylum Seeker Service showing that they support your family, so for example an ARC application registration card.
Note: adoption or deed poll papers are only proof that a child’s name has changed, not of his or her identity. 

2. Proof of your child’s main address

Take one of the documents listed:
  • council tax bill for your home for this financial year
  • current housing benefit entitlement letter (the school will delete financial details while you are there at the meeting)
  • tenancy agreement for your council housing or housing association property  
  • tenancy agreement for your housing privately rented from a landlord accredited by us (for tenancies which started before 1 January 2013) or
  • tenancy agreement from a landlord licensed by us (for tenancies which started from 1 January 2013)
  • letter from the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) telling you of your housing address
  • letter from Adult or Children’s Services Asylum Team, telling you of your housing address.

3. Utility bill

Take one current utility bill from the list (note you will need this if your family is supported by NASS or a Social Care Asylum Team):
  • gas bill, payment schedule or reminder
  • electricity bill, payment schedule or reminder
  • water bill, payment schedule or reminder
  • telephone bill or reminder
  • mobile phone bill or reminder.

4. Medical contact information

The name, address and telephone number of the doctor’s surgery your child goes to. You may include the name of the GP too if you wish. 
The name, address and telephone number of the dentist’s surgery your child goes to. You may include the name of the dentist too if you wish. 

5. Emergency contact information 

You need to give information about two people (aged 18 or over) who the school can contact in case of an emergency. (If possible at least one of the contacts should be able speak English). Give:
  • full name
  • address
  • language
  • relationship to the child
  • home telephone number
  • mobile number.

6. Proof of parental responsibility 

You will need papers to prove that you live with your child and show that you have parental responsibility. You must also include details of any other person who has parental responsibility for your child. 

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