In year admissions

If you want to apply for a primary or secondary school place in Newham outside of the usual times when child start a new school you must make an in-year admission application.  This type application can also be called mid phase or mid term entry.

Parents/carers must apply in-year admission if:

  • Their child has moved to Newham from overseas;
  • Their child is returning to Newham from overseas;
  • Their child has moved to Newham from elsewhere in the UK;
  • Their child is returning to Newham from elsewhere in the UK
  • Their child was previously registered for Elective Home Education;
  • Their child was attending a private fee paying school;
  • They want their child to change schools within Newham (this is an internal transfer);
  • They have a preference for a particular school while their child attends another school.

This application also needs to be made every term to ensure a child is added to the waiting list for the new school term.

You can apply online by using our school admissions applications service, below. For some schools, you will also have to send a completed form direct to the school itself.

Do not use this application for a:

  • Planned move into a reception class
  • Transfer from an infant to junior school
  • Transition from primary to secondary school.

Apply for an in-year nursery place (2020/21)

If you wish to apply for a nursery place mid-term, go directly to the school you want your child to join. The school will tell you what you need to do.

Apply for an in-year school place (2020/21)

Before applying for a school place parents/carers should consider;

  • Where the schools are located in the borough;
  • How the child will get to school each day, on time;
  • What will be the cost of travel;
  • The admission arrangements for the schools a family is interested in;

Find a primary school

Use our primary school fact finder to find useful information on schools you want to apply to.

Use our Primary school fact finder 

Find a secondary school

Use our secondary school fact finder to find useful information on schools you want to apply to.

Use our Secondary school fact finder

Read the Determined admission arrangements for each school you are applying to for the school year 2020/2021

How to apply

You will then need to complete the online in-year application form online in-year common application form​.

The form/ will take 15-20 minutes to complete. You will be unable to save the form as you go along, so before you start make sure you have:

  • The parents/carers National Insurance number
  • The parents/acers NASS reference number (if you are an asylum seeker)
  • The parents/acers address and the child's address if different
  • The child's doctor and dentist details
  • Details of the child's social worker (if applicable)
  • Details of any recent exclusions from school (if applicable).
  • Details of the child’s Special Educational or medical needs (if applicable)
  • Details of Details of any GCSE exams being studied by your child (if applicable).

Our version of the in-year common application form 2020/21 (PDF) includes guidance notes to help you to fill in the online form.

How we offer in-year school places

All In year applications will be processed and added to our database within 2 working days.

The child is considered for a place at each of the schools named as a preference on their family’s current application.  Decisions are made by the admission authority for the school.  If it is possible for a child to be offered a place at more than one of the schools named as a preference, we then look at the rank order of your preferences and offer the highest of those that can be offered.

If it is not possible to offer a place at any of the named preferred schools, if the child is a Newham resident and does not have a school place or an offer of a place in the borough, we will allocate an alternative place at the closest school to a family’s home address that has a place in the child’s year group.  This may not be close to their home but will be the closest with a vacancy.

If we cannot offer a place at any of the schools named in your application, we will give your child a place at the school closest to your home with a suitable space.

Waiting lists

Where a child is not offered a place at their parents/carers 1st preference school they will be automatically added to the waiting list for each school that is ranked higher than the school place offered.

School waiting list page

In-year admission appeals

You can appeal if any school you applied to refused your application. To find out more, go to our school admissions appeals page.