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Essential maintenance this weekend to our housing management system
​Housing rent account balances and some online customer forms will be unavailable via MyNewham on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April 2018.

Customers can still make payments, but online account balances will not be updated until Monday 23 April 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.​

Bank holiday parking

On bank holidays most parking restrictions still apply, though there are some which we do not enforce.

Resident parking bays

On bank holidays you:
  • do not need a resident parking permit or resident visitor parking permit to park in a residents bay ( see below for disabled resident bays)
  • do not need a ticket, or  pay  for  parking by phone, to park in a pay and display  bay
  • do not need a resident parking permit, resident visitor parking permit, ticket , or pay for parking by phone, to park in a shared use bay which is where a pay & display ticket and permit are both valid.
If you do not display the correct permit or Blue Badge you can be issued with a parking fine (penalty charge notice). We may also remove your vehicle and take it to the Newham Vehicle Pound.
Make sure you always check the days and times on the time plate signs closest to where you want to park before you leave your vehicle.
Visit our residential parking zones page for a full list of zones and restricted hours.

Other permit holder bays

You are not allowed to park at any time, without the correct permit, in a:
If you park in one of these bays without displaying the correct permit or Blue Badge, you can be issued with a penalty charge notice (PCN) and may have your vehicle removed to the Newham car pound.

Yellow lines

On bank holidays for single yellow lines you must still comply with the parking restrictions which will be shown on the time plate sign by the side of the road. Always check these time plate signs before you leave your vehicle.

You cannot park on a double yellow line at any time.
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