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Pay your Council Tax

Council tax - Coronavirus update

If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax due to the Coronavirus pandemic please contact Council Tax and Benefits on 020 8430 2000. If your income has changed you may well be eligible for Council Tax Support which will pay up to 90% of your Council Tax. If you already claim Council Tax support please tell us about the change using the online change of circumstances found on the Council’s website. If you do not currently have a claim for Council Tax support you can make a claim online. If you need help with making a claim or advice, our staff will quickly help you make a claim for this and can discuss payment holidays or even hardship grants towards outstanding Council Tax. Please don’t wait for your account to go into arrears before contacting us. We want to help support you in these difficult times.
Find out how to pay the Council Tax on your home and what happens if you do not pay it.
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How to pay your Council Tax

We have replaced Council Tax account numbers that start with a 7 with a new account number that starts with a 6.

We have sent new new Council Tax bills to residents affected by the change. If you have not received a new bill, call us on 020 8430 2000 and select the Council Tax option.
You can pay your bill in one lump sum or by instalments over 10 or 12 months.
Payments must reach your account on or before the due date on your bill.

You can pay your council tax in the following ways:
  • Direct debit

    Set up a direct debit to pay your Council Tax from your bank account automatically each month over 10 months from April to January. You can also pay over 12 months from April to March.
  • Online

  • Standing order

    Download and complete the Council Tax standing order form and send it or take it in to your bank
  • At your bank branch

    Using your bank's payment slips (you may be charged by your bank for this service) - don't forget to quote your eight digit Council tax account number on your payment slip
  • Cash

    At a Post Office or PayPoint outlet, taking your Council Tax bill with you to be scanned.
  • By post

    Make your cheque payable to ‘London Borough of Newham’ and write your Council Tax account number, name and address on the back of the cheque.
    Send your cheque to:
    Council Tax
    Newham Dockside
    1000 Dockside Road
    E16 2QU

Check your Council Tax balance

Keep up to date with your Council Tax account by checking your balance and statements online.

To use this service you will need your Council Tax reference number and PIN. You will find your PIN on any Council Tax reminder letter or bill that we have sent to you.

Note, if you have a Council Tax account with a nine digit reference number, you can currently not use this service.

Payment difficulties

If you have any difficulty paying your Council Tax, call us on 020 8430 2000 as soon as you realise you are unable to pay. Make sure you have your Council Tax account number with you when you call.

We may be able to arrange alternative ways for you to pay to help you avoid going to court.
Please remember that we are here to help you wherever possible.

Discounts, exemptions and Council Tax Reduction


Failure to pay

It is important that you pay each monthly instalment on or before the due date.

If you are unable to pay due to financial difficulties, call us on 020 8430 2000.  We can arrange alternative ways for you to pay to help you avoid going to court. 

For example you can ask to pay over 12 monthly instalments or pay weekly. We can also change the date in the month you need to make payment.

If you do not contact us and you fail to pay by the due date you will be sent a reminder notice, which gives you seven days to bring the instalment up to date.

Our aim is to make payment arrangements which are both affordable and sustainable. You can find out how we recover Council Tax, while making sure we identify and help vulnerable residents in our Debt recovery processes document (PDF).

Court action

If we do not receive your payments you will lose your right to pay by instalments and a Magistrates Court summons for the full amount due will be issued. The cost of the summons may be added to the account.
If we have to take you to court, we can recover the Council Tax you owe us by:
  • sending one of our enforcement agents to your home, which means you will have to pay additional fees
  • ordering your employer to take the money directly from your wages
  • deducting it from your Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance (income based), or Universal Credit
  • applying for a Charging Order on your house, which will mean you must tell us if you plan to sell it, and you must clear your Council Tax debt from the proceeds of the sale
  • apply to the High Court to declare you bankrupt
  • sending you to prison for up to three months.

Enforcement agents

If we send one of our enforcement agents to your home you will have to pay additional fees to cover this.
The enforcement fees which are set by government regulations include:

Compliance fee - £75

The compliance fee covers the cost of instructing an enforcement agent. You will be charged the compliance fee before the enforcement agent visits your home.

Enforcement fee - £235

You will be charged an enforcement fee when the enforcement agent first visits your home.

Sale fee - £110

You can also be charged a sale fee for coming into your home to take your belongings.

Percentage fees

If your debt is worth more than £1500, you will have to pay additional enforcement and sale fees. The fees are charged at 7.5% of the value of your debt. 

If you have not paid your Council Tax before you leave the property the Council Tax Section may use automated system to contact you to make payment.


Moving home

If you are moving in or out of the borough or within Newham, you should tell us about your move to make sure you are charged the correct Council Tax. You can fill in the online form or phone us on 020 8430 2000.
Landlords, you should tell us if you have a change of tenant either by filling in the online form or by phoning us on 020 8430 2000.
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