Let's Get the Party Started

A community event is the perfect way to bring the whole community together and we could support you with funding through our Let’s Get the Party Started community event grants.
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​Organise your own event

You can organise any type of celebration anywhere in the borough and no event is too small.
These grants are usually up to £250 but can be up to £500 in exceptional circumstances.

Who can apply for a grant?

To apply for a Let’s Get the Party Started grant:
  • you must be aged 16 or over
and your event must:
  • be held in Newham
  • be open to the whole community and help to bring people from different backgrounds together
  • benefit the residents of Newham
All our Let's Get the Party Started grant awards are subject to conditions of grant. 
You can email us if you have any questions about the conditions of grant.
If we give you a grant, you will need to keep receipts from your spending on the event which we will check after the event. We will also expect you to fill in monitoring and feedback forms.

Apply for a grant

Tell us all about your proposed event by filling in our Let's Get the Party Started online form.
Only one grant can be approved per event. Your organisation or group can apply for up to two grants each financial year.

When to apply

To make sure that you get the money in time to pay for your event, you should apply at least eight weeks before your event takes place.

Road closures

If you are planning a street party, you can apply for a road closure at the same time as you apply for a Let's Get the Party Started grant.

For a list of planned street party road closures visit the road closures and diversions page.

Further information and questions

If you have any comments or queries about Let’s Get the Party Started or any of our grants programmes, please email us.
If you are looking for funding for a long-term community project, you can apply for a Go For It grant.
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