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Litter bins

Litter is anything that is dropped, thrown or left, which spoils a public place.

Report a street litter bin problem

If a litter bin is overflowing, or if you want to report any other problems or you have questions about litter bins, let us know.
Report an overflowing litter bin
Ask for a new litter bin to be put on the street Ask for a street litter bin to be removed
If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can also report an overflowing litter bin when you see it using our Love Newham app.

Don't be a litter bug

Newham has more than 1,800 public litter bins and we provide weekly rubbish collections. But some people still dirty the borough by dropping rubbish and dumping bags of rubbish on the streets. 

Our law enforcement officers patrol the borough and issue fines to those caught dumping litter and rubbish.
If you drop litter we can fine you £80 on the spot.
So if you don’t spot a litter bin while you are out please keep hold of your rubbish.

You can also help us to keep Newham clean by telling us about dumped rubbish or joining in a local clean up day organised by your local community neighbourhood team.
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