Premises alcohol and entertainment licence

If you wish to offer late-night refreshments, certain types of entertainment or sell alcohol at a venue in Newham you must have a premises licence from usWe are the licensing authority.
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Types of licence

There are four types of licence:

Newham Council’s licensing policy

Our licensing policy (PDF) sets out what we need to think about when deciding your licence application. It also shows how we and you should meet the four aims of licensing lawSo please read the policy before you fill in any of the application forms.

Premises licence

If your premises provides alcohol or sells hot food or drink (sold between 11pm and 5am) then you need a premises licence.
Certain types of entertainment also need a licence, however there are some exemptions. Find out if you need a licence; see our list of licensable activities and exemptions (PDF).

Who can apply for a premises licence?

You can apply for a premises licence if you are:
  • an individual
  • a company
  • a recognised club
  • a charity
  • any other person allowed by law.
You must be 18 years of age or over.

How to apply for a premises licence

You can apply online for a premises licence. You will need a debit or credit card to pay the fee for your application.
You can also download the premises licence application form (PDF), which includes the consent form for the named (designated) premises supervisor.
Whether you apply online or by post you will need to include the following documents with your application:
  • consent of the proposed designated premises supervisor (if your premises is to sell alcohol)
  • two copies of the plans of the premises (scale of 1:100).
Once you apply for a premises licence, you will need to display a notice (PDF) clearly on the outside of the premises. You must print this notice on pale blue paper. You will also need to publish a notice in one edition of a local newspaper. Use our form (PDF) for your advertisement. 
You may need to tell other interested groups (including responsible authorities) about your application. These groups include other parts of the council, the chief police officer or the fire and rescue authority.  
For more information, contact the Licensing Team on 020 8430 2000 from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. 
For more information about licensing, go to the Licensing pages of the Home Office website.

Fees for a premises licence

There is a charge for a premises licence. For information on the range of fees, go to the Licence fees page.

Transferring a premises licence

A premises licence can be transferred to another person or company.
You can do this online or download an application form (PDF), fill it in and return it to us at:

Licensing Team
First Floor, Town Hall Annexe
330–354 Barking Road
East Ham
E6 2RT

Changing the terms of a premises licence

You can apply to change (vary) the terms of an existing licence, for example to extend opening hours or add new activities.
You can apply online or download an application form (PDF), fill it in and return it to us at the address below.

Designated premises supervisor

Every premises which sells alcohol needs a named (designated) premises supervisor.
The supervisor will need to hold a personal licence to sell alcohol or provide entertainment.  

Changing a premises supervisor

It is important that you tell us and the Police immediately if the named premises supervisor changes. 
The premises licence holder must complete an application form (PDF), and the new supervisor must also agree to this change and complete a consent form (PDF).

View and comment on licensing applications

You can view and comment on licensing applications online.

Licensing decisions

If one or more responsible authority, or anyone who may be affected by the application, wants to raise questions (called representations) about your application, our Licensing Committee or Licensing Sub-committee will consider these issues at a hearing.
If there are no representations about the application, we will grant it and send you a paper copy of the licence.  

Appealing a licensing decision

You, or anyone who made representations, may appeal:
  • against the conditions of a licence
  • if we refuse to vary or transfer a licence
  • if we refuse to add an activity to a licence
  • if we refuse a person as supervisor.
You need to appeal to Thames Magistrates' Court at the following address within 21 days of the notice of the decision.
Thames Magistrates' Court
58 Bow Road
E3 4DJ

Club premises certificate

If you run a premises such as working men’s club or social club, which provides any activity that needs a licence to members or guests of the club, then you need a club premises certificate.
When you apply for a certificate we give the responsible authorities and anyone with an interest in the application 28 days to comment on your application. 
If issues are raised against your application, our Licensing Committee or Licensing Sub-Committee will hold a hearing to decide your application.
If we refuse your application you can appeal our decision by contacting Thames Magistrates' Court at the address above. You need to do this within 21 days of the decision.

Applying for a club premises certificate

To apply for a club premises certificate you will need the following information: 
Contact us for an official notice to say that you are applying for a club premises certificate. We print the notice on blue paper for you, and you must then display it outside the premises.
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