About 50 steps

How the strategy was developed

The steps which make up this strategy are informed by data, evidence and insights from residents and stakeholders, as well as our shared experiences, learning and reflections from implementing 50 Steps 2020-2023.

This includes: 

  • Data on population demographics, health determinants, health outcomes and inequalities
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) from 50 Steps 2020-2023
  • Published guidance, research and best practice
  • Learning from local practice 
  • Networks and alliances reflecting on what has worked well and what could be better
  • Resident and stakeholder engagement (see below)

‘The Story Behind 50 Steps: Evidence and Data' – Newham’s updated Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) – provides more detail on the data, evidence and resident insights used to write this strategy. It sets out the rationale for the steps, describing where we are now and the evidence underpinning the actions we will take. 

Resident engagement
Resident input is and will continue to be vital to delivering our shared ambitions for health in Newham. We worked to gather insight and input from residents throughout the development of this strategy, and were able to speak to over 3,000 residents from all over Newham and from many of the communities in the borough. We know that we have not heard from everyone or even every community; so we commit to continuing to listen, engage and respond to residents as we deliver on the ambitions in this strategy.

Co-design with partners
As with the first strategy, this strategy will be delivered by partners from across the system. Over 50 teams and partner organisations have been involved in co-designing the steps and will be involved in delivering them and understanding their impact. 

Alignment with Newham priorities
This is the Health and Wellbeing Board’s strategy, owned by all partners. It is therefore one of the tools with which ‘Building a Fairer Newham’ will be carried out, and aligns with the council’s priorities and the Mayor’s manifesto commitments. It also aligns with the Newham Health and Care Partnership priorities, the North East London Integrated Care Strategy, as well as other key strategies and approaches, such as Core20PLUS5.