Benefits you may be able to claim

Making a claim for Discretionary Housing Payments

If your rent is not met in full by housing benefit or universal credit and you have a temporary situation which makes it difficult to pay your rent, you can apply for extra help in the form of discretionary housing payments (DHPs).

To qualify for a payment you must be receiving housing benefit or the housing costs element of universal credit, and you will need to satisfy us that there are very good reasons for an award.

We only have a limited amount of money each year to help residents with DHPs, so we need to ensure that DHPs are awarded to people who need them most.

You can read our DHP policy (Word) here.

You can find our DHP policy appendix (Word) here.

Not everyone who applies can be given an award, so the more you tell us about your circumstances the better your chances are of getting an award.

Things that we take into account are:

  • A non-dependant deduction
  • If your benefit has been reduced due to the benefit cap
  • You are a council tenant or a housing association tenant who is affected by the ‘bedroom tax’ and have exceptional circumstances
  • You are a private tenant and we think your rent is too high
  • Your income means you do not get full benefit.
Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment