Employment Rights

Examples of the support which the Employment Rights Hub can offer

Rights when you lose your job
We can provide support and advice on redundancy pay, unfair dismissal, notice periods and pay.

Working hours and conditions
We can provide guidance about staying safe at work in all aspects, as well as having a healthy work-life balance, including your entitlement to rest breaks, health and safety, the right to request flexible working and working hours.

Taking time off work
We can help ensure that your employer gives you the correct amount of time off; this includes sick leave and pay, holiday pay and time off for emergencies.

Being treated fairly and equally
We can help ensure that you are treated fairly and equally at work, and advise you on how to complain if this is not happening.

We can help ensure that your employer pays you the right amount of money for the work which you do. We can help support and advise on unlawful deductions from your salary; the National Minimum Wage; the London Living Wage and saving for your retirement.

Rights for families and parents
We can help ensure that you are given the right maternity leave and pay, paternity leave and pay, shared parental leave and pay, and adoption leave and pay. you when you or your partner have or adopt a child.

Mental well-being
Struggling with a problem at work can take its toll on your mental health. You can find tools and resources to help your mental health and well-being on Thrive LDN.

Trade unions
Joining a trade union can be a great help towards dealing with a problem at work. You can find the right union for you.

Some examples of employment rights advice

Unfair dismissal

“I was dismissed from my job after I reported witnessing my manager committing a criminal offence at work.”

You may have a case for being unfairly dismissed. This is because the law gives protection against being penalised for raising concerns about an employer’s behaviour or whistleblowing.

Disability discrimination

“I have a bad back and need a special chair.”

You may have a case for disability discrimination because the law requires that workplaces take steps to support employees with disabilities, this includes providing physical support such as special chairs.

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination

“I’ve just returned from maternity to be given a different and less well paid job while the person who covered for me while I was away is still doing my job.”

You may have a case for pregnancy and maternity discrimination as an employer cannot give your job to somebody else while you are on maternity leave.

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