Hardship support

What type of support can be provided?

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Other items can be considered in exceptional circumstances.

The support can be provided in a number of different ways including supermarket vouchers and BACs payments depending on the support required.

All applications will be treated individually on their own merits. The award is discretionary and based on funds available to the Council.

Currently the Our Newham Money Hardship Support Scheme incorporates the Governments Household Support Fund.

The support allows residents who face a variety of challenges, time to find alternative solutions to shortfalls in income and help with the cost of living on a short term and temporary basis and it should not be seen as a permanent solution.

In response to the recent Government announcement to extending the Household Support Fund from April 2024 to September 2024, Newham is currently awaiting final guidance and once received funds will be allocated.

If you are currently facing financial hardship and require urgent assistance, you can apply for Our Newham Hardship Support.

Please note that the amount awarded through Our Newham Hardship Support may differ from previous awards and is subject to eligibility criteria.

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