Street trading licence

Apply for a street trading licence

There are two types of licence:

  • One for trading using stalls, tables, units, vans and so on
  • One for leafleting and human advertising (people wearing billboards).

If you wish to trade at one of Newham's street markets you will need to apply for a Newham Street market trading licence.  Please contact the Markets team to do this

If you want to trade for up to six months you can apply for temporary licence. If you get a licence for six months, and you want to trade past that period, you will have to apply for another temporary licence before the original licence runs out.

Before you download the application form, read the following documents:

Stalls and similar trading:

Leafleting and human advertising:

Application forms:

Apply for licence to trade, using stalls, tables and so on (PDF)

Apply for a licence to trade with leaflets and human advertising (PDF)

Complete the correct application form and send it to us with the application fee (£75) and any other requested documents to:

The Licensing Team
Grassroots Community Resource Centre  
Memorial Avenue
E15 3DB    

When we receive your application, we may contact you for more information.