Family Nurse Partnership

Our eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria in Newham is as follows: 

  • First pregnancy (must be recruited on the FNP programme before 28 weeks gestation) 
  • Living within Newham 
  • Pregnant women aged 19 years and under at last LMP 
  • Pregnant women aged 20-24 years who have at least one of the following vulnerabilities; 
    • Current or history of domestic abuse 
    • Current or history of mental health problems 
    • Current or history of substance misuse 
    • Homelessness 
    • Concerns around isolation 
    • Social care involvement 
    • Looked After Child (LAC) or leaving care 
    • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)/ Trafficking  
    • Learning needs 
    • Other vulnerabilities will be considered.