Feeding your baby

Starting solids

Weaning your baby usually starts from around six months. Talk to your health visitor about why it is good to wait, nutritional needs of babies , which foods are best and signs your baby is ready.

Take a look at these recipe ideas with practical advice about weaning, portion size, budget and nutrition information.   

It is best to let babies feed themselves as much as possible.  

Parents might be concerned about choking. Always stay with your child when they are eating. 

Book your Starting Solids Workshop for when baby is around 5 months to learn more about introducing your baby to solid foods – when, how, what foods.

This workshop is all about helping you as your baby starts exploring solid foods. We will talk about getting started with weaning and will cover baby-led weaning, equipment, which foods to start with, meal planners and more. 

Early Start offer excellent resources and workshops including ‘Toddler Meals and Snacks’ – a 45 minute webinar to support parents with planning meals and snacks for their little one 

Your local Newham Best Start in Life Children’s Centres also offer workshops, facilitated by health visitors.  

By six to 12 months babies need to be moving on from bottles to cups. Milk and/or water are the only drinks babies and young children need. 

Breastfeeding can continue as long as mum and baby want – always perfect nutrition and immune support as baby grows.

Watch a video about Weaning