Feeding your baby

Breastfeeding out and about and going back to work 

Feeding out and about - Breastfeeding can make life easier, especially going out and about as there’s little to pack, and no worries about safe preparation. You can feed your little one anywhere, you’re protected by law. Some mums feel more comfy with a vest under their top, or a little cover, but really there’s nothing to see when baby is feeding – try in the mirror. Children’s Centres are a great, safe first place for a trip out – you’ll be made very welcome.

Many mums carry on breastfeeding after returning to study or work, it’s a great way to continue supporting baby’s immunity as well as great nutrition, and a really special way to connect with baby. Breastfeeding can help ease the transition to work for mum and baby, it just takes a bit of forward planning.

It is a good idea to discuss with your employer what support and policies are in place. It can help to know about your rights.  

Parents’ plans will depend on their individual circumstances including the age of the baby and how they are being fed. Some parents choose to continue exclusively breastfeeding their baby, others might have a combination of breastmilk and formula, or ordinary cow’s milk if over 1 year. Some babies have solid foods including dairy such as yoghurt and some water from a cup whilst away from their, then breastfeed when she comes home. There’s lots of options, you can chat through on the Baby Feeding Helpline 07534 249 611, or speak with your health visitor.  

You and your baby can carry on enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding for as long as you like. Breastfeeding into your baby’s second year or beyond, alongside other foods is encouraged by the WHO and NHS

Your breastfeeding questions answered.