Website accessibility

We have consulted with residents with a range of accessibility needs in creating our website. Their help, in conjunction with best practice standards for web accessibility have helped us create a new website which we hope can be accessed by more residents across the borough.

Help for website visitors with disabilities

  • All images have a written description (alternative text). This gives a meaningful explanation of what the image is about if it fails to load or you are using a screen reader.
  • We use headings to give structure to our pages so it is easier to navigate, especially if you are using a screen reader.
  • We try to write in plain English in a style that is straightforward and easy to understand. We also avoid using jargon.
  • We try to comply with Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines (WAIG). Our website meets an AA rating where HTML is used.
  • We have increased the contrast where we use colour and text to aid readability.

Additional accessibility features

BSL Live: If you are a BSL user and would like support to access the information on this website you can use BSL Live provided by SignVideo.

Browsealoud: Our site has browsealoud functionality which adds speech and reading for people with Dyslexia, low literacy, english as a second language, and those with mild visual impairments. You can use browsealoud at any time by clicking on the link at the top of any page on our site, next to the 'My Account' button, find out more on our 'Listen to our website' page.

Steps you can take to customise your experience further

Change fonts sizes and colours on our accessibility settings page


We are always working on making our website more accessible and welcome feedback and suggestions. If you would like to contact us please use the Contact Us link in the footer.​​​