Culture in Newham

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Newham is the beating heart of London culture

We believe that culture is the key to driving growth in Newham. That’s why we want to drive participation in culture with our ‘Building Newham’s Creative Future’ strategy (PDF). Our Executive Summary can be found here (PDF).

This strategy is the first of its kind in Newham, framing the creative and cultural industries within an ambitious 15-year plan that demonstrates how they can contribute to our Community Wealth-Building Agenda (PDF). By 2037 we want to be at the forefront of culture across London and beyond and make sure our residents feel its many benefits.

The ethos of the strategy also formed part of our London Borough of Culture 2025 bid (PDF) to showcase how Newham is the beating heart of London culture. 

Reflecting on creativity and culture in the borough, Newham has a rich history and our diverse communities are at the heart of it Through Building Newham’s Creative Future we will push for inclusivity with the ambition that this will translate to greater engagement and participation in culture.

Engaging in creativity and culture can enrich our lives and we think it is important that Newham residents feel the health and wellbeing benefits of this. Through our diverse cultural programming such as Newham Heritage Month LGBT History Month, South Asian History Month, and Black History Month amongst others, we are building and showcasing the diversity of Newham’s artistic talent, and we are keen to build on this.

Newham’s cultural strategy brings together all that is going on in the borough now and recognises that we are at a critical point in our creative and cultural history. The future is bright with so much planned, including the cultural hub of Stratford’s East Bank, creative programmes at the Royal Docks and now the delivery of Levelling Up following the Council’s successful bid for 40m from central government, much of which will focus on the re-use of character buildings for cultural and creative activity across Newham.

Working on this in the future with residents, cultural and creative organisations, businesses and partners, we look forward to driving forward our creative and cultural agenda for Newham.

We remain committed to unleash the Borough's Creative talent through an exciting Cultural Programme in 2024 and beyond to continue showcasing how Newham is the beating heart of London culture to the world.

Newham Borough of Culture 2025 bid (PDF)