Emissions based charging

Newham Council has introduced emissions based charging for resident, business, charity business and industrial permits.

Newham residents are exposed to high levels of toxic pollution from vehicles, contributing to the highest death rate in England, according to Public Health England, with 96 people dying each year due to the poor quality of the air that they breathe. The health impact of our polluted air on residents, including children, is the same as smoking 159 cigarettes a year.

The new parking permit charges are aimed at addressing our poor air quality and lowering vehicle emissions by encouraging residents to switch towards less polluting vehicles and to encourage more local trips to be made by sustainable modes of transport, like walking and cycling.

We’re also making available new electric vehicle charging points across the borough making it easier for those who choose to make the switch to electric vehicles to have greater access to public charging points.

Emissions based charging costs

The new permit charges will apply for all applications and renewals for resident, business, charity business and industrial permits from 6 January 2021, with permit charges based on CO2 categories used by DVLA.

Resident emissions costs

Business emissions costs

Industrial emissions costs

If you are unsure which tier your vehicle falls in please refer to the vehicle log book (VQ5) which will contain this information.

If your vehicle is a Hybrid (both electric & fuel driven) any permit charge will be based on the CO2 emissions data which is stated on the vehicles V5C document ( log book). If CO2 information is not stated on the vehicles V5C then permit charging will be based on the vehicles fuel engine size.

Please note: If you do not have a valid permit you may receive a penalty charge notice.