Assistive Technology and Telecare

How is Telecare and Assistive Technology monitored?

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All monitored Telecare / Assistive Technology equipment raise alerts by sending a signal through a base unit called a lifeline Vi. This device is plugged into your existing telephone socket.

A two way telephone connection is needed. If you do not have a telephone line there are other solutions available.

If you press the personal alarm or if a sensor is activated, an alert is sent to either an external monitoring service or directly to a designated carer.

Most Telecare / Assistive Technology devices are monitored by Newham Network Telecare Service which is the London Borough of Newham's in house Telecare service provider.

Newham Network Telecare Service's monitoring and emergency response service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year (including Bank Holidays).

External monitoring

When the specialist control centre (Newham Network Telecare Services) is alerted, their operatives will speak to you.

They will then respond in the most suitable way. They may call the emergency services or contact a key holder.

An example of an external monitoring device is the basic pendant / personal alarm, this when manually activated alerts the monitoring centre that you require assistance in your home.

Stand alone monitoring

The alert call goes directly to a designated carer, with support from a careassist pager.

The careassist pager requires the carer to be in the same home as you and available at any time of the day or night to take appropriate action. In supported housing this person may be a member of staff.

GPS Monitoring

Global Positioning System (GPS) monitors a customer's whereabouts. Monitoring devices can monitor your movements when in the home and out in the community, your family will know where you are at all times.

The specialist monitoring centre receives alerts from Telecare / Assistive Technology equipment and will take appropriate action to support customers as needed. This may include contacting a friend, relative or calling emergency services.

The specialist monitoring service can also provide a personal response service i.e. a call centre officer coming to your home when an alert is raised, if they are unable to reach your contacts etc.

A response service is useful to customers who do not have a local key holder.