Supporting an autistic person

BSL Support

Please see below for different ways to support an autistic person.

Do Do not
Talk to people about what is helpful/unhelpful about having a label/ diagnosis. Generalise.
Find out what people's sensory sensitivities are and try to avoid triggering them
(e.g. with volume of voice, background noise, wearing perfumes).
Forget to ask about other issues for example physical health, sexual health or caring demands.
Help people to identify motor difficulties, offer to fill in forms/ refer to other professionals. Presume your body language is clear enough to convey feedback.
Make sure people know that they have the right to turn things down and go at their own pace without getting into trouble or disappointing others. Use jargon, metaphors, jokes, and sarcasm.
Explain your body language and facial expression. Expect people to read and talk at the same time.
Give feedback (respectfully), be clear. Rush people.
Think about the environment. Are there too many people around? Is it too loud?.  
Tell people before you meet them if you have changed your appearance (if possible).