Newham All-Age Autism Strategy

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Newham All-Age Autism Strategy 2024 – 2026

The strategy will be available shortly, please come back to this page for updates.

The all-age Newham Autism Strategy is the first joint Adults and Children’s autism strategy that is set out to deliver on the six priority areas outlined in the National Autism Strategy:   

Improving understanding and acceptance of autism within society 

  1. Improving autistic children and young people’s access to education, and supporting positive transitions into adulthood 
  2. Supporting more autistic people into employment 
  3. Tackling health and care inequalities for autistic people 
  4. Building the right support in the community and supporting people in inpatient care 
  5. Improving support within the criminal and youth justice systems 

Who is the Strategy for?

This strategy is for anyone living in Newham who has been diagnosed with Autism aged 0-64+ and their family, friends and carers. It is also for any professionals, students or anyone interested in understanding autism in Newham.

How will the strategy help?

The purpose of the Newham all-age Autism Strategy is to improve the lives of autistic people, their families and carers in Newham.  The Strategy will give us the direction to where we want to be in the future and how we will get there.  It will bring together the wealth of information we hold locally about autism in Newham and identify the next steps in how we want to shape the borough towards a more autism friendly community.

There are six priority areas that have been identified in the National Strategy which we will be using to focus our work on in our Strategy 2024-2026. This work will be co-produced in partnership with the autistic community including residents, friends and family, carers, community, voluntary organisations and other partners. E.g Schools, East London Foundation Trust, Met Police.

How do I get involved?

We would like to hear from anyone who has a view on how life can be improved in Newham for people with autism. If  you are, for instance, an individual working with an autistic person, a parent or carer, a professional OT or social worker, nurse or an organisation in an educational, health or care, Police, Criminal Justice or voluntary setting we would like to hear from you.  Your views will be used to co-produce the all-age integrated Newham Autism Strategy.

There are different ways of getting involved:

As a resident with autism you can join the Autistic Residents Advisory Group (ARAG). This group meets quarterly. We would welcome any autistic resident to join this group to help co-produce an autism strategy that is fit for purpose - meeting the needs of our local autistic residents. Joining instructions and  more information about the group can be found here: Newham's Autism Resident Advisory Group (ARAG) – Autism – Newham Council   

As a professional, business, service provider or general public who wants to engage in the All –age Autism Strategy, please email

If you care for someone who is aged  18+ you can join the:

The Autistic Adult Resident Survey, Parent and Carer Survey and Stakeholder Survey is now closed. Feedback on these surveys will be reported back here and by email if you have requested this information.