Getting involved in shaping services

What is Co-Production?

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It means working together on an equal basis.

In Newham this includes:

  • Residents, customers and people with lived experience
  • Carers
  • Councillors
  • Community groups
  • Staff.

It allows you to be involved in every aspect of a service, including it's:

  • Co-design
  • Co-commissioning
  • Co-delivery
  • Co-monitoring
  • Co-evaluation.

The Benefits of Co-Production

Everyone in Newham is given an opportunity to have a say and to be part of important decisions on a range of Council services. This will enable our services to be:

  • Fit for purpose
  • Developed using first-hand experiences
  • Meet identified needs
  • Accessible
  • Working in partnership to identify challenges and solutions.

How Newham Council support Co-Production

Newham Council has a well-established Co-Production structure, which:

  • Is supported by an in-house Co-Production Team and a number of external providers
  • Ensures a consistent approach to engagement with residents, customers and people with lived experience.

Reward and Recognition Scheme

London Borough of Newham and its contractors recognise the need to reward the contribution residents, customers and people with lived experience make towards developing, co-producing and enhancing services.

Reward and Recognition claim form 2022/23 (Word)


The Co-Production team and residents, customers and people with lived experience organize events throughout the year to promote a range of services but particularly those related to health and social care related issues. Our events include:

  • Learning Disability Awareness Week
  • World Mental Health Day
  • Autism Awareness Week
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • The International Day of Disabled People
  • Community and Citizen Assemblies.

Here are two short video showcasing what the Co-Production team does: