Getting involved in shaping services

What is Co-Production?

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It means working together on an equal basis.

In Newham this includes:

  • Carers
  • Councillors
  • Residents
  • Professionals.

It allows you to be involved in every aspect of a service, including it's:

  • Design
  • Commissioning
  • Delivery
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation.

The Benefit of Co-Production

Everyone in Newham is given an opportunity to have a say and to be part of important decisions on a range of services. For our residents we help to ensure our services are:

  • Fit for purpose
  • Developed using first-hand experiences
  • Demonstrating that value is being placed on their feedback
  • Meeting needs
  • Accessible
  • Creating relationships by working in partnership to identify challenges and solutions.

How Newham Council support Co-Production

Newham Council has a well-established Co-Production structure, which:

  • Is supported by an in-house Co-Production Team and a number of external providers
  • Ensures a consistent approach to engagement with residents.

Reward and Recognition Scheme

London Borough of Newham and its contractors recognise the need to reward the contribution residents make towards developing, co-producing and enhancing services.
Reward and Recognition claim form 2021/22 (Word Doc)


The Co-Production team and residents organize events throughout the year to promote health and social care related issues. Our events include:

  • Learning Disability Awareness Week
  • World Mental Health Day
  • Autism Awareness Week
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • The International Day of Disabled People.

Below is a short video showcasing what the Co-Production team does.