Flu: vaccine, causes, treatment, and more

Over 65s

  • Flu can cause serious complications for people aged 65 years and over. The free flu vaccine is the very best protection for you from the harms of flu. 
  • People aged 65 years and over are more likely to experience serious complications from flu. As well as having your flu vaccine, you may be eligible for the pneumococcal and shingles vaccines. All three vaccines can be given at the same time. 
  • Ask your pharmacist or GP about the free flu vaccine.
  • Get your free flu jab. Ask your pharmacist or GP

You can get a free flu jab from your GP or pharmacy. Check if you’re eligible at www.nhs.uk/fluvaccine

You can find a local pharmacy offerin flu jabs at www.londonflu.co.uk/

If you think you have flu, stay at home to prevent it spreading and rest until you feel better. Call your GP or NHS 111 if you have a health condition or feel really unwell.