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What is Well Newham? 

Well Newham is a programme connecting the council, NHS, and voluntary sector partners. The shared aim of Well Newham is that every Newham resident is supported to obtain and maintain good health and well-being. The way Well Newham sets out to achieve that is by targeting the ’determinants’ of health - the non-medical issues and activities that influence whether people stay well or become unwell.

People's health can be affected by a variety of social, economic and environmental factors. Well Newham supports the development of opportunities to access advice, activity support around healthier living and mitigations for those factors, part of which includes ‘social prescribing'. Social Prescribing is a process where people are, after a conversation with an advisor, supported to access ‘social’ support to address an issue. Social Prescribing helps to address people's issues so that they can take more control of their own health. 

Well Newham is a values-based approach to connecting residents to empowering, strength-based, supportive services in the community, as well as raising the awareness and understanding of how non-medical factors can impact people’s health and wellbeing.

The values of the Well Newham programme are below:

The values inform our approach as we work to enable Newham residents to be happy and healthy by providing accessible, engaging and local services that connect them with their community as well as building on their interests, skills and strengths.

The programme includes the development of social prescribing and other health and wellbeing roles in the borough, implementing the Well Newham directory of service and website, and working with health and care partners to embed the Well Newham values in our approaches. 

We want residents to be able to identify with these positive statements: 

  • "It's for me and contacts in my social networks” 
  • "It can sort out my issues and things that are worrying me"
  • "It empowers me to be preventative in my approach to my health, and I can even get involved in volunteering"