Health and wellbeing in Newham

Well Newham

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What is Well Newham? 

Well Newham links council, NHS, and voluntary sector partners with the aim of ensuring that every Newham resident is supported in their health and wellbeing. 

This programme is based on social prescribing which is when health professionals refer patients to non-clinical support services in the local community to help their health and wellbeing where appropriate.  

People's health can be affected by a variety of social, economic and environmental factors and social prescribing helps to address people's issues so that they can take more control of their own health. 

We want Well Newham to encompass all aspects of health and wellbeing; our approach to our approach to social prescribing. We want residents to feel that Well Newham services provide day to day support and interventions for them which are: 

  • High quality 
  • Low cost 
  • Local  
  • Accessible, acceptable and engaging. 

We want residents to identify with these positive statements: 

  • "It's for me and contacts in my social networks” 
  • "It can sort out my issues and things that are worrying me"
  • "It empowers me to be preventative in my approach to my health, and I can even get involved in volunteering"

Our libraries and community centres offer a fantastic range of Well Newham activities from chair based exercise to early years activities.