Health and wellbeing in Newham

Why Well Newham was launched

BSL Support

There is lots of evidence that supporting people with their non-medical needs can be very beneficial for their health and well-being - from young people to older adults.  

There is increasing investment in personalised care approaches within the NHS through Social Prescribers, Health and Wellbeing Coaches, and Care Coordinators in Primary Care Networks (PCNs). These roles provide an opportunity to build on existing work and provision locally including adult social care, community-based services and the Community Neighbourhoods teams.   

The recent developments present a significant opportunity to take a system and programme approach across Newham to raise quality and reach, and ensure we are maximising residents’ benefit from this work.   

This will include: 

  • Developing a listening and strength-based approach with our residents’ and ensuring that frontline workers in health and social care are routinely supporting patients and residents to access avenues of social support 
  • Building a collaborative, whole-systematic approach to developing and implementing personalised care roles in the borough to ensure they meet the needs of residents
  • Exploring methods and tools to enable the Well Newham values to be built into ways of working across the health and care system, as well as the voluntary, community and faith sector
  • Developing an approach to monitoring reach and impact of Well Newham-related activity across Newham so we learn and can improve over time


We expect the partnership approach may support developments in different ways such as: 

  • Possible system capacity assessment and development of gap provisions 
  • System and service quality assurance and quality improvement  
  • Opportunities for external funding  
  • Work to support missing, hidden voices and populations  

The programme will be co-produced with our residents and partners. 


Well Newham governance  

The Well Newham approach is shared across the council, with key NHS partners such as our Primary Care Networks, ELFT and Newham Hospital, and the community and voluntary sector.   

Governance of the programme sits under the Newham Health & Care Partnership and ultimately the Health and Wellbeing Board.