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Facts about shisha

Smoking shisha is just as bad as cigarettes.  

Shisha is just a different way of smoking and still as bad. You are at risk of developing the same kinds of diseases as cigarette smokers - heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease. 

Some Shisha facts you might not know: 

  • In a typical 60 minute session you can inhale the same amount of smoke as 100 cigarettes.  

  • The most common types of shisha can contain tobacco and nicotine.  

  • The water cools the smoke, but does not filter the harmful chemicals out.  

  • The charcoal used to burn both tobacco and herbal shisha is a source of two toxic chemicals, carbon monoxide and benzene.  

  • Sharing mouthpieces can increase the risk of transmitting infections such as tuberculosis and an increased risk of colds, flu, oral herpes, mouth and gum disease. 

Find out more about shisha and your health on the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and British Heart Foundation websites.