Mental health support services

NHS Mental health teams

BSL Support

East London NHS Foundation Trust run several community mental health services in Newham including:

  • Assessment and Brief Treatment Team 
  • Recovery Teams
  • Early Intervention Service.

Assessment and Brief Treatment Team

The Assessment and Brief Treatment Team will receive all referrals and enquiries. This team will:

  • Offer advice
  • Make an onward referral
  • Assess and provide brief treatment for up to 6 months where appropriate.

Named consultants will link with GPs.

Recovery Teams

There are two area based Recovery Teams and referral to one of these teams is via your GP.

Your GP will ask you questions about how your mental health is at present and talk you through the different options available.

If your GP feels you would benefit from an assessment from one of the Recovery Teams, your GP will make the referral.

Once the Recovery Team has your contact details, they will make arrangements to meet you in order to carry out an assessment.

This is just a face to face meeting to discuss your concerns and they will offer advice, guidance and possibly treatment if required.

The NHS Recovery teams will provide care coordination and ongoing support and intervention for people with significant mental health support needs who require a longer term service.

This intervention is expected to be time limited and recovery focused with the aim of returning people to primary care.

Early Intervention Service

The Newham Early Intervention Service includes :

  • Home Treatment Team
  • Perinatal Mental Health Service
  • Talking Therapies
  • Crisis and Assessment Team
  • Police Liaison and diversion Team

The service assesses and works with people aged 18 to 40 who are experiencing, or are at risk of developing, early onset psychosis, and with their families.

Clinical care is provided to clients who are showing signs of a first episode of psychotic illness or are in the first three years of being untreated for a psychotic illness.

Recovery Team North

Passmore Edwards Building
First Floor, 304 Shrewsbury Road
East Ham, London E7 8QR

Tel: 020 8475 8000

Fax: 020 8475 8414

​Recovery Team South

Passmore Edwards Building
First Floor, 304 Shrewsbury Road
East Ham, London E7 8QR

Tel: 020 3288 5080

Fax: 020 3288 5081

Assessment and Brief Treatment Team

East Ham Memorial Building
1st/2nd Floors, 298 Shrewsbury Road,
East Ham, London E7 8QP

Tel: 020 3288 5100

Fax: 020 3288 5101

​Early Intervention Service

The Appleby Centre
63 Appleby Road, Canning Town
London E16 1LQ

Tel: 020 3288 5800

Fax: 020 3288 5801