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The Strategic Provider Forum brings together local stakeholders involved in the commissioning and delivery of Adult Social Care and Community Health Care provision.

The Strategic Provider Forum may be used to:

  • Outline the service development and improvements
  • Share good practices and innovations.

Representatives at the Strategic Provider Forum are responsible for:

  • Actively contributing to the discussions
  • Representing the views of their organisation accurately
  • Feeding back the discussions to their organisations accurately and on time.

The Forum meets quarterly.

The first meeting of each financial year will include an Annual Business Meeting focusing on the Market Position Statement and Commissioning Intentions for the coming year.

Standing agenda items will be:

  • Service quality, improvement and innovation
  • Inspection, regulation and monitoring issues
  • Commissioning and market transformation (once a year)
  • Learning opportunities, including relevant council and health updates
  • Safeguarding adults awareness
  • Workforce development
  • Joint working with other partners.

The agenda will be circulated one week before the meeting. Minutes will be published three weeks after the meeting and circulated via email to all providers in Newham.

Provider Forum meetings

Dates of meetings for 2020-21

Meetings will start at 14:00, so please ensure you arrive by 13:45.
18th September 2020
22nd January 2021


Stratford Town Hall
29 Broadway
E15 4BQ

Newham Learning Disability & Autism Provider Forum

The Newham Learning Disability & Autism Provider Forum allows partnership working and an open dialogue between commissioners of care and support and providers to:

  • Facilitate the local strategic priorities of Health and Adult Social Care commissioners and the provider market
  • Coordinate priorities, awareness raising and action plans
  • Ensure local and national guidelines are adhered to regarding commissioning frameworks, legislation and best practice
  • Escalate issues and concerns from providers to the commissioner
  • Share best practice and facilitate joint working between providers, and between providers and commissioners of Health and Social Care
  • Respond to and address customers issues and concerns via the Co-Production Forum, and the Learning Disability Partnership Advisory Group (LDPAG), and the Autism Steering Group
  • Agree 2 Provider representatives to attend the LDPAG and the Autism Steering Group (these can be the same or 4 separate Providers).

For more information please email [email protected]