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Market position statement

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Welcome to the Market Position Statement (MPS) for Adult Services commissioned by London Borough of Newham.

MPS purpose

The intention of this set of documents is to give providers:

  • An analysis of current supply and demand of services
  • Demographic projections and commissioning intentions for the future.

This information is an important base on which to establish an ongoing dialogue with providers as we work together to develop the market.

In particular, commissioners will seek to highlight key issues, including:

  • Existing or future service gaps
  • Areas of oversupply
  • Service areas where we want to see adaptions to improve quality of services that our customers receive.

MPS in Newham

Many MPSs are issued as a single document, which are updated every two years.

Newham’s MPS will be a dynamic collection of documents, a dedicated MPS for each commissioning area.

This approach will ensure continuity, as all commissioning areas will complete a common template that will covering key information, including:

  • Needs analysis
  • Short and long term action plan
  • Analysis of current provider market.

This approach will make the content more meaningful, since individual areas can be updated as commissioning intentions evolve, without the need to wait for the next version of a larger document.

By sharing this information and by sharing our intention to update it as a dynamic document, LBN Adult Social Care hopes to build on the established partnership we already have with providers.

Working together we can support our customers to receive appropriate and high quality services.

The MPS will be updated regularly over the coming months until all areas are complete. An overview of demographics and key messages will also follow.

For any enquiries relating to the MPS, please email [email protected]