Safeguarding and prevention

Fire safety at home

BSL Support

In the event of a fire emergency call 999.

Some people are known to be more at risk from fires in their home. They are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in any fire that does occur.

These include people who:

  • Smoke
  • Use alcohol or drugs
  • Hoard
  • Can not escape from their home in the event of a fire unaided.

Free Home Fire Safety Visits

The London Fire Brigade offer free home fire safety visits and advice on fire safety to anyone who might be at risk. Often victims of home fire fatalities are known to local social care, housing and other agencies.

The London Fire Brigade work in the home with older people and people with disabilities to discuss the risks of fire and to look for any visible warning signs.

For more information or to book your free home fire safety visit, go to the London Fire Brigade website

It is important for professionals visiting people in their own homes to discuss fire safety and make a referral where needed.

To assist in identifying risks the Fire Brigade have provided the following person centred fire risk assessment for you to complete:

Checklist for Person-Centred Fire Risk Assessment (PDF)

Fire safety in specialised housing

The summary sheet provides guidance on the various responsibilities for fire safety and a 'Person Centred' approach to identifying fire risks to vulnerable residents in specialised housing such as supported living, hostels and sheltered housing.

Fire Safety in Specialised Housing (PDF)

To refer people with mental health or hoarding behaviours please complete and return the referral form below:

Home fire safety visit - referral form (Word)

Useful information for staff, carers and settings

Fire safety checklist for carers (Word)