What is safeguarding and how to raise a concern

Disability hate crime

BSL Support

Hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted at a person, because of hostility or prejudice against them, due to reasons such as their:

  • Disability
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Transgender identity.

A disability hate crime is any incident or crime, which a disabled person or any other person recognises as being carried out because of their disability.

Disability hate crime can be committed against a person or property.

How to report a hate crime

There are many ways to report a hate crime or discuss if you are not sure. You can contact:

  • The 24-hour safeguarding helpline for people who live in Newham on 020 3373 0440
  • The police on 101 or 999 if it is an emergency
  • Someone else to help you report a crime such as a ‘third party’ reporting organisation such as ‘True Vision’.

For more information, read the disability hate crime booklet and referral form.