Short breaks

Short break from a caring role

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Carers Break

As a carer, there are different ways you can take a break. This depends on your own needs and circumstances, as well as those of the person you look after.

Some carers may choose to go on holiday with the person they look after while some may choose to go away alone. A short break or holiday may not always mean going away. Some carers may enjoy taking a break at home while the person they look after goes away.

If the person you are caring for meets the relevant eligibility criteria, we may be able to:

  • Help you to organise a short break or holiday
  • Arrange care for the person you look after, to enable you to have a break
  • Help you with the cost of a holiday or with other costs.

Respite Care

A short stay away from home for the person you care for can provide a much needed break to you (the carer).

A short break in a residential or nursing care home, sometimes known as ‘Respite care’ can often be arranged on a temporary basis.

Respite care can provide a welcomed change for the person you care for.

If the person you care for is eligible for and receiving adult social care support, the carers breaks described above will be free of charge to you.

Note though that these ‘breaks’ will only be provided by Newham Council after you have had a carer's assessment.

The carer’s assessment will help work out how much support you need to continue your caring role, and how you can maintain your health well-being including having a life of your own outside caring.

You will also discuss how any support you are eligible for can be provided.