Green and garden waste

We collect green and garden waste from Newham residents for free. This kind of waste can be recycled into compost. No garden waste should be put in the rubbish bins. Find out more about how to bag it and what we can collect.

Before you apply please make sure:

  • It is a type of green waste that we can collect – which includes leaves, pruned branches, wood shavings and more.
  • Prepare your green waste for collection in black bags so you know how many bags you want us to collect. 

We aim to collect within five working days of your request.

Garden Waste collections are available from 1 March to September 2024.

Book a free green waste collection

What green waste we collect

  • Grass cuttings

  • Leaves

  • Prunings

  • Trimmings

  • Small branches

  • Flowers

  • Bark

  • Twigs

  • Weeds

  • Wood shavings

  • Straw

  • Real Christmas trees (no pots or decorations)

  • Or just about any 'green' garden waste.

What green waste we do not collect

  • Japanese knotweed

  • Soil or sand

  • Flower pots

  • Large branches

  • Piles of green waste not in bags/secure bundles.

How to prepare your green waste for collection

  • Cut large branches, or Christmas trees into sizes that are easy to handle

  • Put less into each bag if the garden waste is wet and heavy.

  • Leave your green waste in normal black bin bags or in tied bundles outside your door or at the boundary of your property

Please do not:

  • Put green garden waste into your normal rubbish wheelie bin

  • Use orange recycling bags as these are for recycling only

  • Fill bags too full - we will need to lift them into the back of a refuse vehicle.

Home composting

We subsidise compost bins for home composting. If you compost at home you will help reduce costs for the council, and have free compost which is great for the garden. You can find out more on the composting page