Pay your rent

Calculating your rent

Since April 2003 we have used the Government’s national formula for calculating rent. The national formula uses the same formula to work out a target rent for each property to:

  • Prevent councils from setting rents at levels they choose
  • Make sure rents are affordable
  • Guarantee consistency between council rents and housing association rents
  • Link rents more closely to property qualities such as location and bedroom size.

Standard rent

If your tenancy started before 31 December 2011, you will be charged a standard rent. This is the rent most tenants currently pay.

Affordable rent

If your tenancy started from 1 September 2012 you will be charged an affordable rent, if your property was advertised at this rent.

Your rent is calculated to be equivalent to:

  • Either 50% of the rent charged by private landlords for three and four-bedroom properties in the borough
  • Or 80% of the rent charged by private landlords for one and two-bedroom properties in the borough.

This increased rent will pay for the acquisition of additional council properties.