Information about challenges, appeals & enforcement

Before you challenge or appeal a PCN

Before you challenge or appeal a PCN you should view the evidence that we have.

Reasons why an appeal may fail

You should be aware before making a challenge that there are reasons why an appeal may fail.

Common reasons why appeals fail include the following. These are typical responses and reasons given to us when a PCN has been issued (each case is assessed on its merits):

  • I thought I could park there at that time
  • I got a ticket and no one else did
  • Other vehicles were parked there when I arrived
  • I have always parked there
  • I was only a few minutes late
  • I did not see the sign
  • I did not know it was a controlled parking zone
  • My wheels were only over by a bit
  • I have a Blue Badge and thought I could park at the location
  • I did not know that payment was required for parking at the location
  • I forgot to display my pay and display ticket
  • I forgot to pay by Phone

Chatbot Max

In order to support drivers with the online appeals process, we have introduced Chatbot Max, an interactive tool which will help you decide if you should make a representation against a parking or moving contravention and which supporting evidence you should be including.