MiPermit Newham

When your permit is due for renewal you can do so online.

Please note - you will need to login to MiPermit when your existing permit is due for renewal. Your permit will remain valid until the date of expiry.

Register for MiPermit Newham

The following permits are available through MiPermit Newham.

  • Residents
  • Disabled
  • Visitor
  • Free parking allocation
  • Business
  • Industrial
  • Charity business
  • Healthy School Streets Access
  • Browning Road Bridge Access
  • Trade
  • Courtesy
  • Carer (this remains a paper-based permit)
  • Care Home

Emissions based charging costs are applied to resident, business, charity business and industrial permits.

Any emissions based charging and/or additional permit costs will be calculated automatically in MiPermit Newham. Find out more about the new emissions based costs.

Once you receive your payment confirmation your new parking permit is automatically activated (from the date you requested it to start from).

Please note: when renewing your permit you must select a start date for your new permit to begin. The MiPermit Newham system will default to today’s date on the application page. Please ensure this is updated if you require your permit to start from a later date. You will only be able to renew your permit up to four weeks in advance.

Mipermit Contact and Opening Times

Contacting MiPermit

Permits not available on MiPermit Newham

There are a few permits that are not yet managed on the MiPermit system.

Funeral parking permits

In the event of a bereavement we can arrange for a temporary relaxation of parking enforcement.  

In order to arrange this please email Parking.EnforcementRequests@newham.gov.uk with: 

  • a copy of the death certificate or
  • letter from the funeral directors with the address of where the funeral is taking place or leaving from.

We will arrange for a relaxation of parking restrictions on the day of the funeral at the single and specific road as agreed with those applying for the temporary relaxation. Please note the relaxation agreed will only apply on the day of the funeral and at the agreed location. This relaxation will not apply to vehicles that are parked causing an obstruction or dangerously parked and these vehicles will still be subject to enforcement