Building control

Application expiry and refunds

Applications will expire after three years 

Newham Building Control will revoke or close down any applications if we do not receive regular contact from the applicant or project manager within three years of receiving a valid application.  

You are reminded that regular contact should be maintained with the area surveyor and that works should be completed satisfactorily in order for a final certificate to be issued. The time period is three years before the application is closed down. No refunds issued. 

Incomplete Work

Where the work was nearing completion and 3 years elapsed without contact to our office, the file will be closed down. We will assess each case on individual merit, however a small re-activation charge of £120 will be payable if only a final/ completion inspection is required.

If our records indicate that the vast majority of inspections were unsatisfactory, a new regularisation application will be required with new fees appropriate to the job.  

Application refund 

Should you find circumstances have changed or you wish to cancel the application, please email​ . 
Please note, there will be an administrative charge of £100 placed for any application which is cancelled or withdrawn. 
Please note: Regularisation Applications cannot be withdrawn/ cancelled.