Building control

Application types: Regularisation application

If you make a change to or extend a building without approval it could cause problems when you come to sell it. 
‘Regularisation’ is a way to get approval for work already done, by checking that the work is of a good standard. 
We can do this for building work done after 11 November 1985. The work must meet the standards that were current at the time when you did the building work. 

You must send the right fee with your application. 
We will inspect the work and may tell you to open it up so that we can see that it is up to standard. 
When we receive your application we will decide whether to give you a regularisation certificate. Sending the form does not mean that you automatically get a certificate. 
Read the guidance notes for a regularisation application (PDF) before you apply. 

Make a regularisation application

Alternatively, you are able to complete an application and email the application to

Regularisation application (PDF)